10 Types of YouTube Videos That Will Help Grow Your Small Business

There’s more to YouTube than cat videos and fail compilations. In fact, there’s a lot more. Because if you’re a new business trying to raise brand awareness or boost sales, knowing how to write, film, and promote YouTube videos is an essential 21st-century marketing skill. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to create content that converts views into sales. All it takes is a smartphone and a few tricks of the trade. And you can

Track Your Youtube Videos

Many people don’t realize it, but Youtube has some basic analytics for you to track your videos. If you’d like to be able to see who is embedding them and how many plays they’ve gotten, it’s fairly simple utilizing Youtube’s Insight tool. First, login to your Youtube Account and select one of your videos. You’ll notice an Insight button on the right sidebar: Next, select Discovery and you’ll find a menu of options: Select Embedded