10 Types of YouTube Videos That Will Help Grow Your Small Business

There’s more to YouTube than cat videos and fail compilations. In fact, there’s a lot more. Because if you’re a new business trying to raise brand awareness or boost sales, knowing how to write, film, and promote YouTube videos is an essential 21st-century marketing skill. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to create content that converts views into sales. All it takes is a smartphone and a few tricks of the trade. And you can

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Video Marketing Strategy

This month I’ve been taking some time to both clean-up my Youtube channels as well as getting serious about producing more videos to accompany my articles. There’s no doubt as to the power of videos – both live and recorded – on engaging prospects and customers. 99% of businesses that used video last year say they plan on continuing… so obviously they’re seeing the benefit! Video Marketing Trends Video consumption has also skyrocketed with mobile usage