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  • CRM and Data PlatformsAddress Standardization 101: Benefits, Methods, and Tips

    Address Standardization 101: Benefits, Methods, and Tips

    When was the last time you found all addresses in your list followed the same format and were error-free? Never, right? Despite all the steps your company may take to minimize data errors, address data quality issues – such as misspellings, missing fields, or leading spaces – due to manual data entry – are inevitable. Spreadsheet data errors especially of…

  • Advertising TechnologyMETA: Facebook advertising - special ad category tips

    How To Get The Most From META’s Special Ad Category

    With social media platforms constantly adapting to privacy laws and regulations, keeping up with the latest changes and ensuring compliance can be a challenge for advertisers. One such platform, META, has faced its share of legal controversies but still offers some level of advertising through a special ad category. This article will discuss the limitations and benefits of using this…

  • Ecommerce and RetailZapiet - Store Pickup and Delivery for Shopify App

    Zapiet: Enable Delivery and Store Pickup On Your Shopify Store

    During lockdowns, I assisted a local farm doing meat delivery in Indianapolis through their Shopify store. They had a number of vendors who assembled the system prior to me coming on board but had quite a few issues with the integrations. I helped to tighten the integrations and optimization of the site, helping them to achieve record sales and reducing…

  • Advertising TechnologyIP Intelligence Location Data Fighting Ad Fraud

    Location Data’s Next Big Thing: Fighting Ad Fraud And Knocking Out the Bots

    This year, US advertisers will spend close to $240 billion on digital advertising in an effort to reach and engage consumers who are new to their brand, as well as re-engage existing customers. The budget size speaks to the important role that digital advertising plays in growing businesses. Unfortunately, the sizable pot of money also attracts a host of nefarious…

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