15 Statistics on How Critical Attention Span is Your Digital Marketing

I groan a bit when industry experts keep pushing for smaller and smaller snippets, faster and faster content, shorter and shorter videos, quicker and quicker events. It’s troubling because it’s focused on overall behavior and not specific to the behavior of your audience. Of course, if I’m going to buy some printer ink online – I need to find what I need quickly, see the information, and check out. But if I’m buying a new

Social Media How-To Kit

If you’re in the ecommerce space, chances are, you are already using social media in order to increase awareness of your product and sales. So, you’ve edited your company’s Facebook page to the new Timeline layout, and you may have created a Pinterest page for your business to use visuals to your advantage. But your conversions might not be where you want them to be. Zmags (a client), a digital catalog publisher that specializes in