Top 5 Tips for Survey Greatness

There is a simple truth presented by the Internet era: Soliciting feedback and gaining insight into your customer base and target market is easy. This can be a wonderful fact or a fear-inducing one, depending on who you are and what you’re looking for feedback about, but if you’re in the market to connect with your base to get their honest opinion, you have tons of free and cost effective options to do. There are

5 Advantages & Tips for Purchasing Content

This week, we asked our visitors using Zoomerang if they would ever buy content to supplement their blog or website: 30% said Never! That’s not authentic! 30% said they might purchase some research or data 40% said they would buy content While I understand hesitation to purchasing external content, we’ve seen some great results with our clients at DK New Media. Sometimes, it’s best to think of purchasing external content as hiring a contractor. Would

I’ll be in attendence at the TechPoint Summit on Friday

This morning, Mark Gallo (Patronpath’s president) shared a great article in The Indianapolis Star about the history and goals of Techpoint, a regional technology advocacy group here in Indianapolis. Ironically, I was invited by the kind folks at Bitwise Solutions to be their guest at the TechPoint summit this Friday. Thanks to Ron and Kim for the invite! Mark provided me the day off to attend and I really appreciate it. This is a ‘small