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Talk to Me with TokBox

I am a marketing geek, so I get excited when a new technology comes along which  can help my clients.  I spend hours registering for, and testing new services .  I think TokBox may be my new favorite tool.

I was introduced to the service by my attorney.  ( Yes I have an attorney, and better yet, he is a tech savvy attorney).  I sent him an contract to review, and instead of sending me back a long 2 – 3 page document, which I won’t read any way, he sent me this video.  In talking with Matt,  he admitted he wouldn’t use this tool with every client.  Some clients will prefer, or require a written document, but for those who don’t this is a fast, efficient way to communicate.

From a service delivery standpoint, recording the video was  faster, then typing or waiting for a secretary to type a response so I got my answer in a format I liked, and Matt could move on to his next client.

TokBox has several features which I really liked:

  • It’s free – Yes there are upgrades and advanced features available for a fee, but the base package is quite complete
  • I can respond with video, voice, email or phone call all from the same screen
  • Voice and video chat features are available at a reasonable price:$9.99/month for small chats.  $18.99 for a chat involving more than 200 people. This is a cost effective alternative to webinars

Why am I so excited about this?

  • I am a talker, not a writer, so this is really attractive for me as a way of communicating to prospects and clients.
  • I am looking forward to including video as part of our existing drip campaigns, where we will alternate, video, audio and traditional email
  • The user interface is extremely simple for both the advertiser and their customers.   I received a simple email, clicked on the link and the program launched. It required NO expertise and for a number of my clients, no expertise is critical.

What can you do with TokBox?  I think the answer depends on your imagination.  If you use it I would love to see samples of what you do!

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