Tapglue: Customizable Tools To Turn Your Product Into A Social Network.


Tapglue enables you to add a social layer to your app within hours, allowing you to focus on creating an awesome user experience and growing your community.

With Tapglue’s social layer and our plug & play news feed, you can harness the power of connected networks, letting users create personal profiles, connect with their friends, and foster maximum engagement.

TapGlue Features Include:

  • News Feeds – Build social news feeds that drive retention, engagement, and personalization. Create a lively experience around your existing content and your user’s activity. Built-in likes, comments, and shares will make sure your own and your user’s content is spread. Display user posts, events, images, and more to create new ways to engage your users.

tapglue news feed

  • User Profiles – Create a community by adding user profiles to your product. Let users add and change pictures or sync with Facebook. Add any kind of user profile information and preferences. Display the number of followers or friends. Display user-based activity feeds and timelines. Let users create bookmarks, wishlists, favorites, watchlists, and much more.

tapglue profile

  • Notifications – Keep users posted about what’s happening in their network. Define the events and notifications you want to display – no matter if it’s a like, changing a profile picture or getting a new follower. Display unread badges in-app or on a user’s home screen to leverage your community’s activity and drive retention in a highly relevant way.

tapglue notifications

  • Friends and Followers – Create open or private networks to create a powerful social graph around your product. Choose between the friends or the follower model for your network. Leverage Facebook, Twitter or the address book for Find Friends. Let users search for others to find people they can connect with.

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Tapglue is now part of Upland Localytics

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