Target, Please lock up the Chicken Suits

An open message to Target:

Bill the Chicken

  • Please don't leave your Chicken Suits in the open during Halloween.
  • Please don't leave your Chicken Suits in an aisle where someone can put it on without being detected.
  • Please don't leave your Chicken Suits where a 17 year-old can get his hands on it.
  • Please don't leave your Chicken Suits where a father can bet his 17 year-old son $5 to put the Chicken Suit on and take a lap around the entire Super Target…
    to the glee of little children yelling, “Mom… look… it's a Chicken Man!”.
  • Please put away the Chicken Suits. Unless you want a 17 year-old's father to laugh so hard he could die of a heart attack as his son is flapping his Chicken Suit arms and running down the front of the store.

Target, please lock up the Chicken Suits.



  1. 1

    He probably made a better chicken than the guy who stands outside the carpark in the city every morning handing out leaflets. Yup – dressed in a chicken suit.

    I’m hungry …

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Are you the father of a seventeen year old in a chicken suit who made the children laugh with glee, Douglas? That’s better than Santa Claus!

  4. 4
  5. 5

    I would have enjoyed seeing it. My oldest boy wouldn’ve been up for a chicken suit, but not the other two.

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