Costs of Website Testing

cost website testing

Monetate has put out an informative infographic on what to think about and how to justify the expense of a website testing tool. It’s a comprehensive look at the challenges, costs, impact, direct costs, indirect costs and opportunities that website testing can provide.

The near century-old financial estimate known as Total Cost of Ownership (TC)) can help determine direct and indirect costs of a purchase. Adopted by Gartner to help measure the true cost of software or hardware investments over time, companies should consider TCO when deciding which website testing tool to use.

I especially appreciate the bottom line: A tool might be cheap, or even free, but your time and people are not. We see a lot of people who won’t invest in tools… but never leverage the free ones that they have to make an impact.


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    Douglas, as always… thanks for posting! Stay tuned for our next infographic on Customer Experience. Should be a good one!

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