Replace Your Sales Reps’ Dialing Activities With Live Conversations

Cold Calling is Dead But Calling Isnt
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For decades, cold calling has been the bane of most salespeople's existence, where they spend hours trying to get someone on the phone with little to no return. It's inefficient, difficult and often unpredictable. However, since there is a direct correlation between outbound sales volume and a team's closed sales rate, cold calling is a necessary evil for today's outbound or inside sales teams.

Of course, salespeople can't always rely on the network they already have to drive those sales, and there needs to be a mechanism for them to tap into untapped markets or prospect pools. But, like every job, there are activities that your sales reps should be spending time on and others that simply aren't a good use of their time.

The Components of Cold Calling

While cold calling is a necessary evil in the sales process, it doesn't mean that your sales reps should be handling every aspect of it. There are three components to cold calling:

  1. List Creation: This includes gathering, validating, and cleaning a prospect list for your outbound sales representatives to call on.
  2. Dialing: The actual activity of dialing, which includes dealing with phone prompts, speaking with gatekeepers and navigating automated systems.
  3. Closing: This component focuses solely on leveraging the live conversation with the prospect to instigate a purchase.

Of these three components, it's clear the most important activity for an outbound or inside sales rep should be closing.

Stepping away from the conversation regarding prospect lists, dialing is one of most unproductive activities for sales reps. Think about how much time they are spending on dialing and redialing numbers when they could be focusing on what they do best: selling your product or service offering.

In fact, it takes 21 calls, on average, to generate one live conversation, and sales reps only make an average of 47 calls per day.

So much productivity is lost by having your sales reps be responsible for dialing and navigating endless phone trees. What if your sales reps didn't have to dial at all but were still provided with live conversations?

What is Team Dialing?

It's no secret that many businesses outsource a variety of functions in their businesses, so why should dialing be any different?

Team Dialing quadrant

Team dialing provides sales teams with calling agents who connect your sales reps with decision-makers in real-time, without the need to dial. It's different from appointment setting in that those agents aren't responsible for learning about your product or service; they are simply responsible for speaking with gatekeepers, navigating those phone prompts, etc. so they can connect your reps directly to the decision-maker, providing live conversations with the prospect.

Team dialing is sophisticated, fast and easy, while also providing tangible benefits. If the dialing agent can't connect with the decision-maker, they move on to another one while you sales rep is only pinged when a live conversation is ready. There are clear results, with insight into how many calls were made, how many conversations were had and the connection rate.

Replace your reps' dialing activities with live conversations by investing in a team dialing service. MonsterConnect, our newest sponsor, delivers 150-200 calls and 8-12 live conversations with decision-makers per hour, providing 40 times better results and more closed deals.

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