10 Technology Blogs You Didn’t Know About

Technology Blogs are important to Martech Zone. When I write about how a specific technology is impacting marketing, it’s often motivated by a technology blog. They typically do a great job in covering the news and opinions about technology, but miss on the practical marketing applications of it.

The big boys are always trying to get the biggest news scoop, the latest gossip, or trying to throw some great post title that grabs everyone’s attention. There’s so much more going on in Technology that you should know about, though. These folks are always on top of it!

Here are 10 Technology Blogs You Didn’t Know About:

1 whatsnooWhat’s Noo – Patric is a good friend and his company educates ‘non-techies’.

2 codinghorrorCoding Horror – Jeff has priceless advice and his writing is always humorous.

3 kenmcKen McGuire – Ken covers how technology is changing our every day lives.

4 butgirlBut You’re a Girl – there’s a void of female voices in the Tech space. Adria is filling it.

5 startertechStarterTech – This blog makes technology easier to read.

6 ericgoldmanTechnology & Marketing Law Blog – Eric covers all the court cases that impact technologists and marketers alike.

7 chipsquipsChip’s Quips – Long-time friend of Martech Zone, Chip always clips some of the best news on the net.

8 2sentences2 Sentences or Less – Even shorter than Chip’s posts, friend Bill Dawson keeps ahead of technology and provides some pithy descriptions.

9 thorschrokPeanuts to Profits – another friend of the blog, Thor Schrock combines tech and profit on his blog.

10 everyjoeEvery Joe’s Technology Blog – good friend Jason Bean is a regular on the Every Joe blog.

Sometimes the blogs don’t have that polished look and feel – but the content is always there! Add these blogs to your feed reader and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.


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    Wow, thanks, Doug! I’m honored to be included in such an august list — especially with the likes of Jeff Atwood.

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