How Technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing

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It’s clear that the future of marketing is in mobile applications, and there is tremendous amount of room to grow; currently, only 46% of companies have mobile applications. On top of the mobile communications, Big Data is providing another opportunity for growth, but 71% of CMOs are unprepared for the data explosion.

Mobile is shaping the future of marketing

  • 46% of companies currently have mobile versions of their websites and 30% are planning to follow suit next year
  • 45% of companies are offering a mobile app and 31% will roll out their won within the next 12 months
  • 32% of companies offer mobile messaging campaigns
  • 25% use mobile ads

Social media is shaping the future of marketing

  • 66% of companies manage their own page on a social networking site
  • 59% connect with their customers through micro-blogging sites like Twitter
  • 43% host their own online communities
  • 45% currently purchase social media ads and 23% intends to do the same next year

The infographic from NJIT below highlights the growing usage of mobile technology (56% of adults currently use a cell phone) and how that relates to traffic (20% of web traffic comes from mobile technology) and ultimately marketing strategies.


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    We all know that mobile can be a powerful marketing tool. Mobile provides marketers the opportunity to make more precise, data-driven decisions than ever before and offers a way to connect with consumers on their most personal possession.Given that, it’s time to stop considering mobile, and time to start thinking mobile.Great article Douglas!

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