Hey DAN: How Voice to CRM Could Bolster Your Sales Relationships and Keep You Sane

There are just too many meetings to pack into your day and not enough time to record those valuable touch points. Even pre-pandemic, sales and marketing teams typically had over 9 external meetings a day and now with remote and hybrid working bedding in for the longer-term, virtual meeting volumes are soaring. Keeping an accurate record of these meetings to ensure that relationships are nurtured and valuable contact data is not lost has become a

The New Face of E-Commerce: The Impact of Machine Learning in the Industry

Did you ever anticipate that computers might be able to recognize and learn patterns in order to make their own decisions? If your answer was no, you are in the same boat as plenty of experts in the e-commerce industry; no one could have predicted its current state. However, machine learning has played a significant role in the evolution of e-commerce over the last few decades. Let’s take a look at where e-commerce is right

How to Use Font Awesome in Illustrator and other Applications

My son needed a business card for his DJ and music production business (yes, he’s almost got his Ph.D. in Math). To save space when displaying all of his social channels on his business card, we wanted to provide a clean list using the icons for each service. Rather than purchasing each of the logos or a collection from a stock photo site, we used Font Awesome. Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can

How Taking a Mindful Approach to AI Cuts Down on Biased Data Sets

AI-powered solutions need data sets to be effective. And the creation of those data sets is fraught with an implicit bias problem at a systematic level. All people suffer from biases (both conscious and unconscious). The biases can take any number of forms: geographic, linguistic, socio-economic, sexist, and racist. And those systematic biases are baked into data, which can result in AI products that perpetuate and magnify bias. Organizations need a mindful approach to mitigate

MarTech Trends That Are Driving Digital Transformation

Many marketing specialists know: over the past ten years, marketing technologies (Martech) have exploded in growth. This growth process isn’t going to slow down. In fact, the latest 2020 study shows there are over 8000 marketing technology tools on the market. Most marketers use more than five tools on a given day, and more than 20 overall in the execution of their marketing strategies. Martech platforms help your business both recoup the investment and help