Import your Google Reader Feeds into Technorati Favorites

One of the factors of Technorati’s ranking algorithm is how many other bloggers have saved your blog as a favorite in their Technorati account (you can add mine here).

If your using Google Reader or another Feed Reader, there’s actually a pretty simple way to add all of your favorites, though! You can export your OPML file from your reader and simply import it into Technorati:

Exporting an OPML from Google (lower left link):

Export Google Reader OPML

Importing your OPML file into Technorati favorites:

Import Favorites to Technorati

Link: Import your OPML file into Technorati favorites.


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    GREAT tip!

    I’ve been wondering how to do this, and I was thinking about doing an app.

    My only thought is that this probably doesn’t handle Feedburner feeds properly?

    • 2

      Hi Engtech!

      If the feed specified in Technorati matches the Feedburner feed it will. It’s just doing a direct match between the feed address in your OPML file and in Technorati.


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