Technorati Rank WordPress Plugin 1.0.9 Released

TechnoratiXial rightly pointed out that the 1.0.8 release of the Technorati Rank WordPress Plugin didn’t pass validation (oops… and thanks to Xial!). As a result, I’ve made a minor revision and released 1.0.9.

I’m working on rendering this entirely with CSS but it’s a weird little challenge with an icon on the left and the right. I played with doing it with an inline horizontal bullet list but couldn’t get it to work. At issue is that the images are actually hyperlinked to bring the user to the appropriate Technorati page.

I’ll keep working on it! I may also make some badges that are larger in size. If Technorati is reading, perhaps they can send me some samples. (hint, hint!)

Hit the Project Page for the Download
. Cheers!

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