I’ll be in attendence at the TechPoint Summit on Friday

This morning, Mark Gallo (Patronpath’s president) shared a great article in The Indianapolis Star about the history and goals of Techpoint, a regional technology advocacy group here in Indianapolis.


Ironically, I was invited by the kind folks at Bitwise Solutions to be their guest at the TechPoint summit this Friday. Thanks to Ron and Kim for the invite! Mark provided me the day off to attend and I really appreciate it. This is a ‘small town’ when it comes to technology and I think it’s important that we maintain our connection with other local established technology firms as well as other startups!

So if you’re in town and going to the TechPoint summit, I’ll see you there! I’m excited to meet Jim Jay and network with other regional leaders in the growing technology sector here in Indianapolis.


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    Thanks for pointing it out, I wasn’t aware it was going on, and although I won’t be in the area at the time, if I was I would certainly attend. Scott

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