Text Link Ads Dethrones Google Adsense (on my Blog)

DollarGoogle Adsense has been the primary means of advertising revenue on my blog since its inception. I also have Commission Junction advertisements in my RSS feed, Kontera contextual advertising in my posts, and Text Link Ads. I also do Reviews through Review Me and also get the occasional Starbucks donation via PayPal. Whew!

On a good month, I might pull down $300, far from the $10k+ that John Chow pulls down, but still respectable in my opinion. You’ll notice that my home page is virtually clean of all advertising. I could put ads everywhere on it, but I don’t want to push ads on the visitors that return to my site over and over. Rather, I utilize the ads for folks that happen to find me indirectly, through search and references.

Google Adsense was, by far, my largest source of revenue… until now. Text Link Ads has officially demolished my Google Adsense income of late, though. In May, I made a couple dollars. In June, I matched the approximate revenue that Adsense was supplying – but I didn’t have Google Adsense optimized. But in July, I stand to bring in about twice as much with Text Link Ads than with Adsense. Wow.

Key to Text Link Ads success is that it’s built for a blog, not a web site. They even supply a plugin for WordPress users to make it even easier. Advertisers can purchase ‘posts’ rather than words. That’s an incredible convenience, for both blogger and advertiser. If you write a post on a given topic, isn’t it awesome that you can buy a topic that you know supports your product? Pretty amazing opportunity.


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    My site has been around for 3 months, but has lived between Google PageRank updates. Is it worthwhile to apply for a publisher account, or should I wait until the next Google PageRank update?

    I’ve heard that TLA re-evaluates sites that aren’t initially approved, but I’ve also heard that process can take a really long time.



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      I honestly wouldn’t pay for the publisher account, I’d wait. In the meantime, you can useGoogle Webmasters to make sure your site is in order. Yes to TLA but I’m not sure about the timeline. I did read this post where the blogger got his site approved. Ironically, he really wasn’t getting the traffic he needed to make a good buck. I’d concentrate on driving more traffic. I like doing it through bursts of commenting on other blogs that I’ve never visited. I add to the conversation, I don’t just say ‘hey!’. 🙂 I think most bloggers visit their commentors. Get that traffic up and everything will follow!

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    I applied for TLA a couple of months ago but was not approved. Guess my web site does not generate sufficient traffic or have enough Feedburner subscribers. I’m not sure what criteria they use for the approval process?

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      I don't think feedburner subscribers is one of the criteria, i have 6 subscribers and i got in :).
      My pagerank is 4 though, so maybe that's why i got in…
      Does someone has an idea if you can use TLA and google adsense together?

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      Hi Manele,

      It’s not against the Google TOS to utilize other advertising resources. In fact, you’ll find most blogs with a regular income running multiple sources.


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