Textbroker Launches Free Unique Content Verifier

Some of my colleagues have had some pretty good results in purchasing content to either start up a site, to provide specific informative posts, or even to feed an ongoing ghostblogging program. Building great content can be challenging, so a number of services have popped up to help companies build their content library.

If you decide to go cheap or buy a lot of articles in bulk, you can run the risk of buying content that’s been pilfered from some other location on the web. Textbroker is an inexpensive service that offers content. This week they launched UN.COV.ER, a free application for verifying that your content is unique.


UN.CO.VER can be used several different ways:

  • A single URL
  • Manually-entered text (copy & paste)
  • An entire Web site, including domains and sub-domains

In fact, you can check an entire Web project for duplicates:

Our Unique Content Verifier has an integrated “crawl” function that creates a sitemap of your entire Internet project and its written contents. Then UN.CO.VER automatically compares each of these texts to millions of pages and reports back with a host of data, including the percentage of words copied and the exact words copied. The current version’s autostart function offers you complete protection without lifting a finger. When Windows starts, so does UN.COV.ER, ensuring that your content is checked for duplicates every single day.

If you’re working with third party content providers, this tool may be your best investment. The last thing you need is to have your site identified as a spam site or get sued for publishing protected content.

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