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Textline: Accelerate Your Sales With CRM-Integrated Text Messaging (SMS) For Teams

Effective, fast, and documented communication is key to driving sales and building strong relationships with prospects and clients. Traditional methods like phone calls and emails are often slow and may not get the desired response. Text messaging (SMS) allows you to harness the power of business texting to accelerate your sales cycle and take control of your customer interactions. Let’s explore the benefits and of text messaging for sales professionals.

  • Instantaneous Communication: Text messaging allows for quick and immediate communication with prospects and clients, leading to faster response times and increased engagement.
  • Higher Response Rates: Text messages have a significantly higher response rate compared to phone calls or emails, ensuring better customer engagement and increased conversions.
  • Personalized Approach: Texting provides a personal touch, allowing sales professionals to build stronger relationships with leads and customers by delivering customized messages.
  • Improved Lead Generation: By incorporating text messaging into your sales strategy, you can generate more leads and fill your pipeline faster, as customers often prefer texting over other communication channels.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Texting offers a convenient and seamless communication experience for customers, meeting their preferences and driving customer satisfaction.

Time is our most valuable resource, and we were able to shorten the amount of time that people spent trying to follow up by a lot. You can send 10 shortcut text messages in a minute, where it might take you a minute or 30 to 45 seconds to get through to someone’s voicemail.

Regional Marketing Manager, National Real Estate Company

Textline Business Texting Platform

Textline is the ultimate group text messaging platform that empowers sales professionals to accelerate their sales cycle, own their prospect and client interactions, and integrate seamlessly with CRM platforms.

Features of Textline

  • Plug and Play Setup: Textline offers an easy and hassle-free setup process, allowing you to start texting contacts quickly and effortlessly.
  • Integration with CRM Platforms: Textline seamlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and more, ensuring smooth data synchronization and streamlined sales workflows.
  • Collaborative Team Environment: Textline provides features that promote team collaboration, allowing team members to share information, communicate privately, and divide workload efficiently.
  • Automations: Textline allows you to customize triggers, conditions, and actions to streamline your workflow and automate key sales processes, saving you time and ensuring efficient communication with prospects and clients.
  • Compliance and Security: Textline prioritizes security, ensuring that all customer conversations are protected and compliant with regulations.
  • Message Templates and Automation: Textline offers message templates and automated responses, saving time and effort by enabling you to send standardized replies and schedule messages in advance.
  • Message Shortcuts: Don’t waste time typing the same message repeatedly. Create and save pre-written text templates. You’ll be able to cut response time and make communication easier.
  • Group Messaging: Keep a group of customers or employees on the same page with the only many-to-many group texting service built for businesses. Send one group text and get any replies on a single text thread to boost efficiency and transparency.
  • Whispers: Communicate with your team members in the Textline application using Whispers. Leave private internal notes to confirm information, ask questions, and more. Whispers only are visible to your team.
  • Surveys: Measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), and customer loyalty (NPS), or build a custom survey that can be asked and responded to via text message.
  • Analytics and Performance Monitoring: Textline provides robust analytics tools that allow you to monitor and measure your team’s performance, identify best practices, and optimize your sales processes.
  • Multiple Device Accessibility: Textline allows you to stay connected and respond to messages from multiple devices, including desktop and mobile, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for your sales team.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Textline helps you centralize your customer interactions by storing conversation history and contact information, enabling better customer relationship management.
  • Affiliate Program: Textline offers an affiliate program where you can earn a recurring commission for each customer you refer, providing an additional revenue stream for your business.

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