Thanks, Dorion Carroll and Technorati!

Great BrandingOh the irony! I just got completed writing a post yesterday on the state of branding and how each employee is key to your branding efforts. About 6 months ago I had a problem where Technorati wasn't updating my stats. I wrote an email to their support and within a week or so, I got a gracious reply and an update that the problem was corrected.

That was a great first impression. I don't ‘pay' Technorati so I didn't really expect any response or anything in return. Ever since, I've been a fan and have slowly been uncovering some cool ways to use Technorati to improve the quality of my blog and measure the growth, authority, and ranking of my blog.

A couple of days ago, I posted on Technorati's blog search capabilities. One of the readers of my blog, Vince Runza, commented on the post and how he was having issues with Technorati updating his blog. Through the magic of the blogosphere and as Technorati employee Dorion Carroll puts it, “people, talking to people, and a little bit of email (automated through blog comments)” … the message got to Dorion who made sure the issue was immediately corrected.

The entire episode could not have painted a clearer picture for my post. Prior to this issue, the only ‘view' of the Technorati brand was their site, logo, and the color green:


Now I know that there are conscientious employees behind Technorati who care about what people are saying about their company; hence, their brand. The easy thing would have been for employees to simply ignore the entry and ‘let support handle it'. That's not what happened and it speaks volumes for the Technorati brand. Technorati is more than a “Search Engine”, it's a company trying to help bloggers get better.

Thanks, Dorion. Thanks, Technorati.

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    Hear, hear! I was amazed at how fast the response was. I promised him, in his blog, not to bug him about any future tech support problems. The world is not only flat, it’s faster, too!


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