Great Quality Traffic for the Price of a Shirt


If you’ve not happened across Jeremy Shoemoney’s blog, it’s a great blog to follow. Jeremy also has a great program called Free Shirt Friday.

It may take a few months for Jeremy to get to wearing your shirt, it’s a popular program. I’d like to speak a little bit to the impact of participating in a program like this. It’s pretty obvious that Jeremy’s blog has nothing to do with Navy Veterans; however, the reach of his blog more than makes up for it in Word-of-Mouth marketing.

For the first few months, I was buying Pay-Per-Click Advertising, from Google Adwords, to promote In calculating the number of users who registered and the total advertising amount I was spending, I was paying a little over $8 per registered user (aka: a conversion). That can get very expensive, very quickly. Now that the site has some traction, I’ve slowed down the advertising purchases.

Social networks are great at marketing themselves, but you need to get some good numbers up first. With Smaller Indiana, the tipping point was about 1,000 users. Navy Vets is currently at ~300 users.

In comparison, purchasing a shirt for Jeremy was approximately $16 and we received 8 new reservations within 24 hours of his post.

That’s $2 per conversion instead of $8, quite a savings!

Got a site you’d like Jeremy to promote? Send him a Shirt!


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