The 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide

Increase your Email results responsibly and efficiently with MarketingSherpa’s 2009 Email Marketing Bechmark Guide.

email marketingBusinesses seek cost efficient ways to maximize impact and build relationships in what is likely to be a difficult stretch in the global economy. And Email continues to be one of the most used and abused ways that marketers turn to communicate with their customer base. But the only way to increase your email performance is to market responsibly and effectively. MarketingSherpa’s 6th Annual Email Marketing Benchmark Guide offers practical data to improve your budgeting, list growth, deliverability, testing, and ROI.

What makes this year’s edition so relevant is that it offers practical answers to tough questions. When it’s budget time you need to know how to get customers and keep them and you need to show whether your response rates are comparable to others. Plus since email is growing internationally, a new Special Section tells you what you need to know about different countries? regulations and what works in those countries.

Email is read, and the 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide will provide you with insight on how consumers are viewing emails, how they perceive email and with 8 new eyetracking heatmaps you?ll find out how they ‘see? your emails.

Also in the Email Marketing Benchmark Guide:

  1. 205 Charts, 66 Tables and Images
  2. 8 Eyetracking Heatmaps
  3. Research from 1,763 real-life marketers
  4. 6 new Special Reports including 12 Point Plan to Increase Email Performance
  5. 8 New “Notes from the Field” Case Studies

Click here to download the 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide Executive Summary

And if you are looking for inspiration or exciting ways that marketers have succeeded in their email marketing, we offer special 8?Notes From The Field? Case Studies.

Practical Answers To Tough Questions

As an email marketer you are constantly asking yourself, or being asked tough questions like ?What tactics get the best ROI?? The Email Marketing Benchmark Guide will not only tell you which ones get the best ROI, but also will tell you which one gets the worst. Furthermore you?ll find out which tests are actually the most effective in determining the ROI of your email tactics.

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    This is a great guide for me! My family is involved in small business, and I like to take care of the marketing. Thanks for bringing this guide to my attention. 🙂

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