The ABCs of an Online Presence

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Today, I'm speaking at an event called Dominate Your Destiny. The purpose of the event is to empower young business entrepreneurs to take charge of their business. The event is mixed with life lessons as well as business networking and best practices. As an example good friend, Victoria Finch, is a regional credit expert who spoke on understanding your credit rating (which is pretty fascinating) and how to take control of it.

I wanted to open up peoples' eyes to all of the technologies and tips out there on developing a web presence. Most companies still don't take advantage of many of the tools and platforms out there – and most of them rarely cost anything but some time to implement. It's also important that people recognize that their web presence is a virtual salesperson for them – being in locations where they can't be when people need them.

There's a great return on investment on making your web presence not suck. Here are the ABCs that I've put together (and I'll be speaking about in the next hour:


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    Wow. Awesome tips. We are an online startup and lately we have been looking for tips to help us compete in the world of online marketing/presence. Most of this we have implemented, but it always helps to get re-enforcement on the topic. You’ve got a new reader in us for sure! Thanks Mr. Karr!

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    Nice simple overview for beginners however you forget to include one of the most crucial steps when designing/launching a site which is to ensure it is CROSS-BROWSER COMPATIBLE!!! so many sites look horrible when they dont render correctly in a particular browser.

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