The Awesome Authors Plugin Is Live


aaAwesome Authors is a plugin we’ve developed which shows a blogs most active authors. You can hover over each author to reveal more information about them such as a short bio, their most recent posts, and a link to their homepage. We were hoping to give the authors of the Marketing Tech Blog a little bit more incentive for writing articles. Now you can do that for your authors too.

The plugin is equip with some pretty awesome configuration settings:

Sticky Authors – You can make authors ‘sticky’ which will keep them at the front of the author list no matter how many posts they have published or the frequency at which they publish them.

Excluded Authors – You can also exclude authors from the list all-together. No matter how many posts they’ve published or the frequency, these authors will never show up on the list.

Number of Authors – You can select how many authors you would like to appear in the author list

Minimum Posts – You can also select the number of posts an author must have published before they appear on the list.

Gravatar Size – Simply, set the size of the author gravatars.

You can download Awesome Authors right now. Please feel free to critique the heck out of it. Seriously guys, tear it apart. We want to make Awesome Authors truly awesome. In order to do that, we need your feedback.

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