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Best Marketing BlogThere are some great marketing blogs out there, but I'd like to believe that what we've put together are the best articles ever on virtually every topic. Are we the best? It's impossible to disprove, isn't it? Sure – we could utilize number of subscribers, followers, fans and likes to try to determine… but that's not an indicator of best, that's an indicator of favorite or most popular.

Stating that your company, your product or your service is the best may be one of the greatest promotion tactics ever for a few reasons:

  • People believe it. People will give you the benefit of the doubt and will want to believe what you're saying is true. Politicians learned this a long time ago… say what voters want to hear, and then do whatever you want to when you make it to office.
  • It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Saying that you're the best will become a reality when you believe it. You begin to hold yourself to a higher standard and always ensure that you stand out amongst competitors.
  • It puts the competition on the defense. While you continue to reap the benefits of being the best, your competition is left trying to prove that they really aren't in second place.

I was asked this week whether or not this was a deceitful tactic. I'm not advocating deceit and I despise politics as usual. Instead, I'm encouraging people and companies to market themselves as the best – and deliver on that expectation.

A great example of this are the Make Money Online group of online marketers. They not only promote their sites and resources as the best, they also invest heavily in creating the persona that they are the most successful people online. (Personally, I think their marketing is better than the results in investing their services… but that's just my opinion.)

What's stopping you from utilizing this tactic? Define what you're best at and begin to promote it today.

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