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I watched a news show the other day that GoDaddy is going to be advertising some more controversial Superbowl commercials. The GoDaddy marketing team is really pushing the limit this year, getting additional attention by submitting a bunch of commercials that have been denied for viewing for this superbowl.

GoDaddy is openly advertising the controversy as their Quest for Super Bowl XL. You’ll find a great timeline of the commercials that were denied viewing on the Superbowl through their site. As with last year, the boob campaign seems to be drawing a lot of attention for GoDaddy. I know I’m keeping my on them, er, the marketing campaign.


This has obviously been a successful marketing campaign for GoDaddy. I wonder why, though. I’m not going to lie, I love to watch these commercials as much as the next guy. But buying a domain through GoDaddy provides no additional access to those boobs. No date, no poster, no autographs, no nothing… not even a wink. After you buy the domains for the boobs, you’re left with the business. What do the boobs tell us about the business? Check out all the commercials on Do any of them say anything about the actual business?

Your domain registrar is an important decision. They manage your domain. That’s like a bank managing your money. They have to be reliable, have great features, and have fantastic administrative tools for managing your domains. I’ve worked with GoDaddy, a couple of my clients have their domains hosted at GoDaddy. Nice boobs, lousy interface. That’s all I know about GoDaddy.

Ironically, last Wednesday I received a personal phone call from Ben Goldsmith, Affiliate Manager at Dotster.comimage 2260935 3171413. Ben both thanked me for supporting Dotster through my website in a recent post and he brought to my attention that my affiliate links on my website may not be working properly because I was referencing an site that I’ve removed from my affiliate account. Wow… now that’s pretty cool. Ben cared enough that he picked up the phone to me.

I’ve never had the pleasure of speaking to anyone at Dotster personally before… that’s significant because it means that their offerings work great. I took the time to tell Ben that on the phone. After a nightmare I had with many moons ago, I tried Dotster and I’ve been with them ever since.

Boobs may be great to look at, but Dotster.comimage 2260935 3171413 is a great place to register your domain with… period.

Dotster also has a number of other programs and service offerings, including VDS hosting. Check them out when you get a chance, I promise you won’t be dealing with boobs… unless of course that’s important to your business.

PS: I have affiliate links for on this post. I want to see if the boobs work with affiliate advertising, too.


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    As with any advertising; you can make the best campaign, but if the product sucks, it will fail. (Hey, let’s see how Vista is going to do.)

    But that said, if you would put the 2 banners – the boobs from GoDaddy and the dotster globe pointer. Be honest: which one would you click on first? 🙂

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    From the title, I thought this was going to be a post about Congress 🙂

    I agree that boobs sell, but I wouldn?t want to mess around with my domains. I’ve been with DirectNIC for years, and they’ve always been great. They even worked through Katrina (they’re based in N.O.), and worked their butts off to keep everything running.

    Boobs, or no boobs, I’m sticking with them.

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    Martin: Um… the dotster of course. 😉

    Tony Chung: Sad but true… the problem here is that there’s no sex, just stimulation.

    Tony D. Clark: At least these boobs have a purpose and look better!

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