The Message Produces Results

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iStock 000004792809XSmall1

When we're marketing, a lot of times, we think solely about the results. I want to convert this many prospects, we want people to be aware of Product X, I want this many retweets/shares, etc. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely important to track these things in order to know if our marketing message are working. However, I have found that when I haven't had a specific purpose in my marketing messages, I have had the most engagement or results.

Think about it: have you written a post that was more like a rant or an opinion-based blog as opposed to “10 Steps on How to Optimize Your Blog”? What was the feedback/engagement level on that post? I am willing to bet that it was a bit more than the standard “value-add” post about inserting meta tags.

Next time you have something to say that might be more opinion-based than value-add, write it. Give your opinion. Even if people don't agree, you can still start a meaningful conversation that people will enjoy and share.


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