There is Innovation Here at Silicon Prairie


I spent an amazing day as one of the judges for the annual Mira Awards. While I can't tell you who won (you will have to attend the Mira Awards on May 15th). I can tell you there is some incredible innovation happening right here in Indiana.

I was a judge in two categories Social Media and Corporate IT.  That a strange contrast moving from the nimble entrepreneurs to innovative mangers inside very traditionalorganizations. My conclusion – Innovation is everywhere here in Silicon Prairie as local firms find creative ways to use technology to interact with customers, prospects and employees. 

Here is just a partial list of the cool companies I had a chance to meet last week:

  • Anacore – Improving patient information with their Triage product
  • ExactTarget – Continues to find new ways to share information with their clients and employees  using  3sixty their proprietary social network. 
  • Imavex – With their new streaming video they can deliver content seamlessly to any mobile device
  • Forum Credit Union – Has turned an internal CRM and Workflow system  into something they could market to other credit unions, turning an expense into a revenue generating program.
  • Hill-Rom – Turn long standing practices on end, they have completely changed their process for vetting and allocating resources to new projects, resulting in funds being directed to programs will the highest return first!

I hope you will join me in celebrating the accomplishments of these and many other great Indiana companies at the Mira Awards.


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    James, sorry you don’t like the Silicon Prairie reference. I actually really like it much better then Silicoren Vallley. But thx for the note on the typo. I can’t spell worth a flip, and it doesn’t get better when I am trying to type fast to get out and enjoy the sunshine here on the Silicon Prairie

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    Imavex has really evolved into a great organization. Steve and Ryan and the team have always done things a little different – like doing client service videos customized for their clients and posted in their dashboard. As well, they were named one of the best paid search firms in the country. Great folks there.

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    I don’t think it’s nonsense at all, James. I think either Silicon Prairie or Silicorn Valley captures people’s attention. Everyone relates “Silicon” to software and people external to Indiana already have an image of our region that these terms capture.

    Is “Silicon Valley” nonsense? Is “The Big Apple”? “Sin City”? “The Emerald City”?

    It’s a lot better than “Circle City” or “Naptown”! Utilizing a funny, but complimentary term like this may be just what we need to get peoples’ attention.

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