Thor Schrock: Next Internet Millionaire?

Blogging friend, Thor Schrock, is in the running for the Next Internet Millionaire!

Thor has quickly become a great resource for technologists. I think one of the reasons why I like Thor and his blog so much is that he's aggressive on promoting it but humble and friendly in the manner he does so. He'll drop me an email once in a while – but it's always personalized, thoughtful and a pleasure to read.

Thor wrote me today and he needs your help to make him the Next Internet Millionaire! I believe his drive and enthusiasm will carry him there whether there's a contest or not.

Vote for Thor Schrock, next Internet Millionaire! Be sure to add Thor's blog to your reader as well! As for me, I'd be happy just to be the next Internet hundred-thousandaire.


  1. 1

    Thank you so much for the write-up and compliment Doug! It means a lot to me and I have learned so much from your blog over the past year.

    Let me know if there is every anything I can do for you!

  2. 3

    Initially i too was going to run fer next Internet Millionaire but decided to go Billionaire instead!!


    Like everybody else who comes up with a Million or Billion Dollar idea it always seems to take Money to make it happen! One idea i did have re: Flash Slideshows did prove fruitful for another co. that got bought out immediately by MySpace for $10 or $20 Million Dollars – so it can happen! I’d still like to get my idea out the door since it’s been validated + competitors like Yahoo! or Google or Microsoft (people who can actually cut a check!! ;)) should be interested*

    I will definitely checkout Thor’s Blog!

    Cheers!! Billy ;))

  3. 4

    Everyone definitely needs to vote for Thor. He’s a great guy and gave an awesome interview for my Next Internet Millionaire Big Action Podcast.

    Definitely check it out and rate Thor’s audition video a 10. He’s a big guy who takes big action without being a jackass!

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