Cheering for Tinderbox in the Super Bowl!

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Startup America has assembled more than $1 billion worth of commitments from dozens of partners to support the growth of startups in five key areas:

  • Expertise: Connect startups with training, mentors, advisors and accelerators
  • Services: Provide startups with access to critical services at reduced costs
  • Talent: Assist startups in recruiting, training and retaining the people that can help them grow
  • Customers: Help startups through acquisition of new customers and expansion into new markets
  • Capital: Highlight sources of capital available to startups in various regions and sectors

With the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, more than 30 local startups are trying to get exposure through a Super Bowl-based competition sponsored by the Startup America Partnership and Develop Indy, an economic development organization helping regional companies succeed or other companies to move to Indianapolis.

Our clients, Tinderbox, a software as a service proposal software, put the following spectacular video together that tells the story of Tinderbox in under a minute and wraps a great message around it with their desire to get selected!

BTW: We’re not just a client of Tinderbox, we’re also a very, very happy customer. We’re a small agency that does a ton of proposals. Being able to put together a grant proposal or RFP in a matter of minutes has saved us countless hours. As well, I almost always get a compliment on our proposals from our prospects. And… it’s always a plus to put a proposal out and get an alert when the recipient has opened it!

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