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Marketing Scenario From Hell – Tons Of Leads, But No Sales

Although having a stable source of leads is already a great thing for any business, it won’t bring food to the plate. You will be happier if your sales returns are proportionate to your impressive Google Analytics report. In this case, at least part of these leads should be converted to sales and clients. What if you are getting tons of leads, but no sales? What aren’t you doing right, and what can you do to steer your sales funnel back to its right track?

If you are puzzling over such a scenario, your first step should be taking a keen look at your website and the marketing campaigns. It is possible that either of the two isn’t doing enough to turn your visitors into buyers. Is your campaign being managed efficiently? What about your website? Let’s look at the two scenarios;

Scenario 1: A Poorly Managed Campaign

To find out if the problem could be your marketing campaign, you may begin by examining it thoroughly. If you are running a Google Ads campaign, consider taking a keen look at your search query report. You do not require expert knowledge to analyze this. You will be looking at the terms in your ad that visitors are using to find your site. Are they relevant to what you are selling?

Basically, buyers click on search terms in an ad that fit what they are looking for. In this case, if you are selling “ladies leather handbags”, use search terms and SEO variations that are unique to your product. A term in your ad such as “leather bags” or “ladies bags” is too broad and somewhat misleading. Once you identify the right keyword for your ad, have it in your display URL for every ad, the title of the campaign and in the description. The search results will bold the keywords thus making it more visible.

Another aspect of the campaign that could be leading to poor conversions is the kind of product, the quality of offer and the price you give. If you are going to run a campaign for your product or service, at least do your research properly to know your customer needs and what your competition is offering. Make sure your product has a strong point which you showcase clearly in your offer. Also, let the price be competitive depending on what the market has.

Scenario 2: An Inefficient Website

Once you have ruled out the campaign factor or fixed the issue, your next culprit could be the website. Perhaps your website is appealing enough. However, how effective are the landing pages? What about its design, is it user-friendly? Sometimes, you may have to think like a customer and analyze the following aspects of your site from their point of view.

  1. Design – If you are witnessing a high traffic that doesn’t lead to conversions, probably people are landing on your website and getting a culture shock. They will definitely leave! Ask yourself if your web design matches the current trends in your industry. Today, technology is growing fast, and people are getting accustomed to stylish things. In this case, having a clumsy site that is also not mobile friendly is a total turn off. Let your design give the right impression of your business and clients will stick around for long.
  2. Contact Details – To customers, the presence of clear contact details is a sign that the website or business is genuine and trustworthy. This makes it necessary to include such in your design. Make sure your telephone line and emails you give are attended to. This way, if customers contact you can get an answer within a reasonable time.  You should include the physical address of your business too.
  3. Landing pages – This is the first page your visitors will arrive at once they click your ads. In this case, make sure it is relevant to whatever you are advertising. If they do not find what they were expecting, the chances are that they will just leave the page. For instance, if your keywords are “email automation tool,” let these terms lead to a page that gives details about this tool. Also, make sure that your landing pages load easily and are highly navigable.
  4. Navigation – How easy is it for clients to move through the different pages of your website. Many customers leave a page immediately if they notice they are wasting a lot of time finding what they are looking for. In this case, design your websites such that all pages open easily. Also, important pages such as those showing products and services, about the business, contacts and so forth should be visible and easily accessible.
  5. Call To Action – A Call to Action is the gateway to any further interaction you are likely to have with a prospective client. This makes it important to construct clear CTAs and prominent buttons for the same. Let the links provided lead to the next action you want your clients to undertake.


If you want to improve your conversations, manage your online business reputation too. This is because customers are likely to read reviews or compare your services and products with others. For this reason, always offer stellar services but get your clients to leave a feedback and testimonials too. All these help make your online business appear trustworthy and will improve your CTR.

Jamil Velji

Jamil is the CEO of Easy Automated Sales, a Sales Funnel Agency. His expertise in marketing, growth hacking, lead generation and sales and marketing automation translates into insightful, actionable approaches to taking sales through the roof! Jamil has 9+ years experience as a top level growth marketing leader on an international scale. His clients and their growth success stories have been featured in Forbes, BBC, Tech Crunch and Venture Beat.

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