Took a Blog Break!

RestI’ve been pretty good about attempting 1 quality post on my site followed by a post on the best links and articles on the net for quite a while now. Last night I took a Blog Break. Ideally, a blog break would mean that I went to bed and fell asleep while reading. Not for me.

Last night I continued development of a custom Google Map for a local charity here in town. It’s a fun freebie project that may or may not be utilized – but being part of something much bigger than you are is always a great experience. It’s introduced me to new people and exposed me to new industries, always a plus.

I also had some fun emails going back and forth arguing quality over quantity with regard to managing our product. This is always a fun conversation, the risk of not delivering anything or delivering something that may not be ideal. It’s a tough call. I’m going to trust our developers’ intuition and see what magic they can achieve.

I’ll be held accountable for it, so it’s really putting myself out there. People often surprise you when you empower them, though. That’s something that I preach, so I better live by my own words!

I’ve never had a guest blogger on here but would be glad to share the spotlight. Drop me a comment or contact me if you’re interested. You need not actually have a blog, though. In fact, I’d much rather have someone who doesn’t blog join in the conversation. Perhaps you’ll ‘catch the bug’.

For my fellow bloggers, does having a guest blogger result in more or less work? Just curious.


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    Guest blogging is still work. The thing is that you’re not as likely to get as experience of a blogger as you are — it’s usually newer bloggers who want to guest blog. There’s more communication to deal with as well.

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    If I was given a topic I could really elaborate on, then I’d be happy to be your guest. That’s one of many experiences I haven’t gone through yet, and If i make it out alive it will certainly be one great feat.

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    Once I build up traffic I will try to incorporate guest bloggers. It seems as if it would be more work but both bloggers would benefit from the partnership. It is something I think more bloggers should do

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