Skip The Resume and the Job Fair

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Sunday, I was working on another startup’s plans and had a discussion with all of my partners about transparency and the Internet. It’s no different. As business leaders, they need to be out in front of the herd, need to have their presence known, need to have photos out there that people can see. They need to step outside their natural shell of being introverts if they want us to get funded and find

Can Your Registrar Cut You Off?

Reading Time: 4 minutes With the big todo about GoDaddy’s cancellation of it’s customer (who now has his own campaign:, I decided to look into some other registrars, including my own, to see if they could pull the plug as easily as GoDaddy did. You’ll actually be surprised, only a couple of registrars have Terms of Service that set some pretty strong requirements against cancellation: Dotster: 16.2 Domain suspension, cancellation or transfer. You acknowledge and agree that your

Collaborative Marketing with Google Spreadsheets

Reading Time: 2 minutes I consulted with the local Chamber of Commerce this evening to discuss Membership renewals. The Chamber is a fantastic organization, but is a great example of a service where renewals are the heart beat of the organization. I’m fairly certain that the Chamber probably loses money on folks that join in the first year. However, after that year, their profitability increases – and the value to the Chamber Member never goes down. Tonight I spoke

Unmanned Marketing Drones

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last Friday, I had a great debate with a friend of mine, Bill Hammer. His position was that having a huge military budget did nothing but bury the economy. I countered that the military, in many ways, is the equivalent of the government investing funds in the development of new technologies and mass production. I would add that, in the business of ‘kill or be killed’, the stakes are no higher when it comes to