Top Adsense Topics: Ajax, Flash, WordPress and Firefox

A couple weeks ago, I integrated Adsense with Google Analytics (Tip #4). I’m already fascinated looking at the results. Google Analytics has a Reverse Goal Path where you can see the path that visitors utilized before clicking the advertisement. Armed with this information, one could take two different viewpoints:

  1. I can make more money if I continue writing about these topics.
  2. There is a demand for content in these areas – so much so that folks are willing to click on ads to get it!

With only a couple weeks of analysis under my belt, I won’t be changing directions on the content of my blog simply to get additional advertising revenue. But… it appears folks are finding my blog and then leaving it through ad links when they are not finding the information they need for the topics they were seeking. Here’s a cool look at the stats with the Reverse Goal Path:

Adsense Analytics

Those topics? Ajax, Flash, WordPress and Firefox. WordPress is one of the ‘hot’ topics on my blog with more hits on WordPress tagged topics than anywhere else. I’m working on a WordPress Sidebar Widget right now since those are desirable and may expose my blog to additional readers.

As for Ajax, Flash, and Firefox… I’ll have to see where I want to take those. I’m a huge fan of Ajax but don’t have much Flash experience (my friend Bill has a lot more). And of course I love Firefox, it’s add-on technology, and Firebug! Firebug is the essential development tool for any Web developer.

So… write about those topics to meet the demand and you can make more money doing it! Analytics is cool!


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