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Named a Top 20 Business Marketing Blog!

The folks at BuyerZone have put together their list of top 20 business marketing blogs and we were so incredibly thankful to make the cut, squeezing in at #17. This has been a great year thus far… having earned a Top 10 Social Media Marketing Blog as well!

BuyerZone’s Top 20 Business Marketing Blogs

  1. Online Marketing Blog
  2. Affiliate Tip
  3. MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog
  4. Drew’s Marketing Minute
  5. Marketing Artfully
  6. CK’s (B2B) Blog
  7. Flooring The Consumer
  8. SMS Marketing Blog
  9. The Genius Blog
  10. B2B Marketing Insider
  11. OrangeSoda Internet Marketing Blog
  12. Vital Design Blog
  13. mRELEVANCE Blog
  14. BlogNotions Marketers Blog
  15. Seth Godin’s Blog
  16. Conversation Agent
  17. MarTech Blog
  18. Influential Marketing Blog
  19. Charlie Cook’s Small Business Blog
  20. Internet Business & Marketing Strategy

Being surrounded by our mentors, friends and colleagues is incredible… if you’re not following these blogs, be sure to check them out! While we learn much from actual work with clients, we also lean on our industry quite a bit to improve our clients’ marketing results.

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