Follow the Top Social Media Influencers of 2014

Dr. Jim Barry of the Edu-Tainment Social Content Marketing blog has put together a list of the top social media influencers (with yours truly on it!). The good Doctor has written up a fascinating, detailed post on the 4 archetypes of these influencers, describing the traits and types of influence they have in the industry, including:

  • Educators – provide help and insight
  • Coaches – engage and assist (you’ll find me here!)
  • Entertainers – engage and inspire
  • Charismatics – provide insight and inspiration

It’s a great list and the article is a must read. I really appreciate that I’m listed as a coach. I don’t think of myself as a thought leader in the industry, but I think I’m an honest practitioner and provide a blog that helps marketers discover new tools and methodologies for improving their craft. I’m outspoken on a personal level, so that could be impacting my charisma and ability to entertain. Either way, I’m honored to be on such an incredible list.


I thought it might be nice to make it easy for you to follow these folks, so here’s the list with their Twitter follow button!





I slipped in our blog’s Twitter account up by mine. Take out the polarizing unprofessional arguments from my Twitter account and you’re left with the Marketing Tech Blog’s. Hehe.

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