The Top Social Media Mistakes of 2013

2013 top social media mistakes

Rogue employees, scheduled tweets, hacked accounts, news hacking on tragic events, racially insensitivity, and hijacked hashtags… it's been another exciting year for social media mistakes. The companies that suffered through these PR disasters were both large and small… but it's important to add that every social media mistake is recoverable. I really don't know of any particular incident that had lasting impact on the company so corporate marketers, although embarrassed, should not fear lasting repercussions.

We live in a world where consumers are easily offended and love to jump on the opportunity to embarrass a company. Companies are typically nameless and faceless – ironically – something that social media can easily resolve. Time after time, we see the companies that suffer the least impact of a mistake have a real person, a real image and a real name out in front of their company. People are less likely to attack a genuine person who is there to help than a logo and a stock price!

The Masters in Marketing Guide put this fun infographic together. Fear not, marketers… but try not to make these mistakes, either.


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