Tracking Phone Calls from Organic and Paid Search

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We have a client who loves to drive more phone calls to their business than any other method. As their client, we want to ensure our strategies are working well, so we need to incorporate some specific tactics to understand where the phone calls are coming from.

The client has incorporated HostedNumbers in previous campaigns and, after spending a few minutes on the platform we know it can accommodate our needs!

Tracking Paid Search Phone Calls

Tracking paid search phone calls is fairly easy since you can publish whatever phone number you'd like. Add a phone number with HostedNumbers and you're ready to go… or are you? Within HostedNumbers, they offer robust call analytics to let you know where inbound phone calls are coming from.

HostedNumbers also provides a Google Analytics integration that's quite good. Just go to Services > Configuration Options and you'll find Web Analytics Integration.
HostedNumbers Google Analytics ConfigurationWithin the Web Analytics Integration, we were able to setup a dynamic URL on a page we blocked search engines from crawling. The capabilities allow you to use dynamic strings that can be replaced so we built out a campaign URL that will capture the source as search, the medium as a call, and then the campaign as the phone number dialed.
HostedNumbers Google Analytics Dynamic URLNow we will be able to track paid search phone calls within Google Analytics. As well, we'll most likely setup conversion tracking for this unique internal page and perhaps a dashboard that monitors calls.

Tracking Organic Search Phone Calls

Using HostedNumbers, we can add a phone number for organic search and then track it within Google Analytics using the above code. However, tracking organic search is a bit more complicated because we need to automate the swapping of phone numbers if the user enters the site from a search engine.

To do this, we did this by publishing the hyperlinked phone number on the site within span tags with a specific class:

<a class="swapanumber" href="tel:19876543210" target="_blank">Call Us Now: <span class="swaphnumber">(987) 654-3210</span></a>

And within the footer of the page prior to the end body tag, we load jQuery which identifies the referrer and then modifies the phone number if it's a search engine sending the traffic:

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
var a = document.createElement('a');
a.href = document.referrer.toLowerCase();
if((a.hostname=="")||(a.hostname=="")) {
jQuery('.swaphnumber').html('(987) 654-0123');

Now, if someone from an organic search clicks on the result and arrives at any page within the site, the campaign phone number will be displayed. Once the visitor calls that phone number, Google Analytics will capture it within a campaign!

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