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Transera: Customer Engagement Analytics for Contact Centers

Transera offers a Software as a Service, cloud-hosted analytics platform for call centers to measure customer engagement. The Transera Customer Engagement Analyzer is an interactive analytics application to perform analysis on customer interactions and agent activity to determine what produces the best business outcomes. These insights can then be used to change the behavior of agents and on-premise and cloud-based contact center systems to drive better performance and customer experiences.

Customer Engagement Analyzer brings together the data from your disparate contact center systems, including your automated call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) system, customer relationship management (CRM) application, order entry system and other customer data sources such as demographic services together in the cloud for cross-analysis. Analyze customer sessions, transactions and interactions across systems and map those with common intent and business outcomes to customer engagements and final business outcomes.

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    Hello Douglas Karr,
    Little information shared about analytics, I want to add more that analytics provides you a clear picture of your cutomers and you can also provides services like pre defined dash boards inbound outbound metric, real time call logging hosting and accessing having personal server.