Trapit: Intelligent, Automated Content Curation


Trapit keeps your channels stocked with fresh and engaging content around the clock. Your brand travels with your audience, wherever they might go. Trapit gives you the tools to curate compelling high quality content from around the Web and from your own archives of original content that will keep your audience coming back for more. The Trapit Content Curation Center uses advanced artificial intelligence to automate the discovery and personalization of media and content from the Web to augment and support your brand's story.

Trapit enables you to build and manage dynamic and captivating collections on whatever topics are most relevant to your audience by using one simple interface to publish to apps, email, social networks or webpages in real time or on a schedule.

How Trapit Works

  • Discover – Draw from Trapit's ever-growing library of more than 100,000 expert-vetted sources, or add your own content sources to the mix. From blog posts and newspaper articles to infographics or videos, Trapit discovers not only the most popular content, but those hidden gems that were lost in the clutter.
  • Trap – Define the content most relevant to your audience – and TRAP it – in real time. Trapit learns about what is most important to your audience and adjusts by adapting and refining content selections accordingly. You can even filter results by keywords, quality, tags and even location, ensuring only the most relevant content is displayed.
  • Deliver – Trapit distributes this content – automatically – to social media, email newsletters, mobile applications, web sites – wherever your audience chooses to consume content. You determine the best venue – and best devices – and Trapit will handle the rest

Trapit will be providing weekly webinars that you can sign up and see demonstrations. Register now!

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