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The 4 Most Impactful Trends This Year in Digital Content

We’re very excited for our upcoming webinar with Meltwater on Content and Customer Journeys. Believe it or not, content marketing has and continues to evolve. On one side, the behavior of users has evolved in how content is being consumed and how content is impacting the customer journey. On the other side, the mediums have evolved, the ability to measure response, and the ability to predict the popularity of content.

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Forget trying to keep up with all the changes that occurred in Internet marketing this past year. It would take you until this time next year just to list them. So instead of taking up a lot of unnecessary and valuable time, the latest infographic from MDG Advertising quickly details the content trends you most need to know about.

MDG has found 4 key trends that are impacting digital content marketing strategies:

  1. The user is now officially in charge, and alternative mediums like podcasting are growing.
  2. Video is being consumed more and more on the mobile screen.
  3. Corporate blogging continues to be at the center of successful digital content strategies.
  4. Advertising offers new and outstanding promotional opportunities for your content.

Impactful Content Trends in 2015

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