TrendSpottr: Transform Social Noise Into Actionable Early Signals

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Prior to social media’s prominence, there was a lawn care company that recorded all of it’s customer calls and categorized them by topic. The system turned into a sales engine because they could identify, geographically, issues that were cropping up in the region and then send highly focused emails based on the trending topics. Lawn care lovers would see the alert and then go buy the appropriate solution at the store – sometimes with a coupon to incentivize them.

Trending is an incredible opportunity for many businesses but some people don’t track the signals that could effectively drive business results. It could be weather, finance, health, or any other related topic that impacts sales. TrendSpottr helps transform Social Media noise into actionable early signals.

TrendSpottr is a cloud-based predictive analytics company that identifies and predicts trends in real-time from big data streams, including from Twitter and Facebook. TrendSpottr’s service allows our customers and partners to “get ahead of the curve” by identifying emerging news, events, and influencers that have high viral potential and market impact.

Newsrooms, publishers, PR agencies, brands, government agencies, digital marketers, social media users, stock traders and financial institutions are all putting Trendspottr to use for viral news discovery, brand and reputation monitoring, crisis management, content marketing and market predictions.

Trendspottr also integrates with both Salesforce as a Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio Partner as well asHootsuite . They recently launched TrendSpottr for Instagram onHootsuite as well!

Find out more about TrendSpottr and our ability to predict trends in real-time from big data by trying out their products: TrendSpottr Signal, TrendSpottr Alerts and TrendSpottr Widgets.

TrendSpottr also offers a search, alert and trends JSON API!

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