Turn LinkedIn into a CRM with Diigo

With Yahoo! appearing to pull the plug on their most useful application, Delicious, I exported all my Delicious bookmarks and imported them into Diigo. Seriously Yahoo! Why not just sell Delicious?

Anyways… after I installed Diigo, I installed the Diigo extension for Chrome. This is when I was amazed… I can highlight sections of pages, bookmark pages, privately bookmark them and, most importantly, leave notes on a page… all from a handy button in the Chrome address bar. Wow!

I’ve had this idea for quite a while know, but finally got to put it to use today. I opened up LinkedIn to a profile (I picked Patric Welch of Noobie.com. I privately tagged Patric’s profile and included the tag linkedin.
Bookmark a LinkedIn profile with Diigo
NOTE: I did have to delete all the querystring crap that LinkedIn added in the URL.

I then wrote and saved a private note Diigo note on Patric’s LinkedIn page:
Add a Sticky Note to the LinkedIn profile with Diigo

Awesome… now anytime I return to Patric’s profile, I’ll be able to see the notes that I’ve written. As well, I can read any of my LinkedIn tags from directly within Diigo!
Look up the Notes and Profiles within Diigo

Of course, this is a pretty volatile way of handling your CRM data… LinkedIn could change its URL structure, Diigo could die, or any number of things in between could go wrong. However, this is a great hack while I try to actually find a CRM that’s this simple to utilize. It doesn’t have to just work with LinkedIn, either… you could do it with Twitter or Facebook, too!

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