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TurnTo: Syndicate Reviews with Your Product’s Distributors

Syndication is a highly effective way for online retailers to quickly increase the volume of product ratings and reviews (reviews) they display. Brands, typically first to collect this valuable user generated content (UGC), are eager for retailers to feature these on their eCommerce sites. By sharing their reviews with their distribution partners, brands can help products stand out and sell better, as higher review volumes have been proven to increase sales.

Until now, such syndication was only possible through closed networks. The problem is, this approach requires both the brands providing the reviews and retailers receiving them to use the same platform and have a formal agreement for exchanging content. Those using other platforms are blocked out of the exchange, and in-network brands are charged hefty fees by their platform provider for network access.

TurnTo Networks Review Syndication

TurnTo Networks is a provider of next generation customer content solutions for top merchants and brands. With a unique suite of four innovative products:

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Community Q&A
  • Visual Reviews
  • Checkout Comments

TurnTo Syndication CPO

TurnTo delivers content with less work, ensuring maximum authenticity, conversion lift, search engine optimization (SEO) and merchandising insights. To help customers overcome a long-term industry challenge, TurnTo recently introduced an open network. Open Review Syndication dramatically increases sharing of content, facilitating greater review volume, and cutting the steep “access fees” charged by traditionally closed networks.

With Open Review Syndication, any brand can now provide reviews to retailers via TurnTo’s Customer Content Suite, regardless of the collection and management platform they use. No technical integration is necessary, and brands can have reviews added to the TurnTo network and displayed on partner eCommerce sites within a day or two.

Review Syndication Reporting

Retailers view and manage syndicated content from within the TurnTo dashboard for complete moderation control and reporting insights. TurnTo also provides API access so merchants using other platforms – typically legacy home-built systems – can benefit from product review syndication for the first time, as well.

Closed syndication networks don’t make any sense. It’s like a grocery store hiring someone to set up their end-of-aisle displays, only the person then sells that premium shelf space to soda companies and pockets the money. TurnTo’s Open Review Syndication is built around a different model. The content belongs to the brands – they should be able to share it to help their retailers. The network belongs to the retailers – they should be able to display reviews from any brand that wants to share. Our job is to make it easy for the two to work together. George Eberstadt, CEO of TurnTo

CPO Commerce, which sells power tools from all the major brands, switched to TurnTo’s Open Review Syndication and experienced powerful gains. Previously, the retailer used a closed network, and because many of the brands and manufacturers whose products CPO sells were not on an in-network platform, they missed out on the syndication of potential reviews, disappointing vendors who wished to participate but couldn’t.

TurnTo Syndication CPO

With TurnTo’s technology, CPO more than doubled the number of brands from which they received syndicated content while increasing the total number of reviews displayed by more than 250 percent.

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