Twazzup: Real-Time Monitoring for Twitter


In my opinion, Twazzup has a nicer, much more usable interface than Twitter does because of the information that it provides the user. To start with Twazzup, just enter a Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag – and the user interface provides a clean layout with related keywords across the top, user and trending information across the left pane, and real-time tweets down the right side.

On this example, I did a search for Sales Proposal, curious about the conversations that may be happening online about our sponsor, TinderBox. The good news is that the Martech Zone is seen as the top influencing profile when it comes to sales proposals, but it doesn't appear there's much more happening there.

A more popular phrase might be sales enablement, the parent category for sales proposal platforms. I tested that and identified some influencers and conversations around the topic… but there still wasn't enough conversation to register a Tweets Per Hour (TPH) on screen. So… let's go up one more in the hierarchy of topic – #sales. Boom! There are 155 Tweets Per Hour on the topic.

So – my advice to my client might be to still work to build influence for the hashtags and topics for sales proposal and sales enablement, but ultimately they should be in the conversation with the more popular term sales. That goes for their content strategy as well – building value around the term sales and targeting sales-related influencers and industry segments to get the word out on their product.

Twazzup makes this a simple chore!


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    Hi Doug, I wonder if you can help me. For about a week now I have been unable to access Twazzup. It sends me to a screen that prompts me to sign in with Twitter. When I get to that screen it immediately jumps back to the orange Twazzup screen. I have access to Twitter.

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