TweetReach: How Far Did Your Tweet Travel?

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Have you ever been curious about how a Tweet took off on Twitter, who retweeted it that drove a lot of attention, and what other accounts engaged with it? That was the exact question I was asking recently with a specific page that received a lot of attention. Using TweetReach, I pasted in the URL that I wished to see the history for and received a full report on the archive of the Tweet. Using the standard account, I was able to report on the last 100 activities. With the Pro account, I could have reported on up to 1,500!

TweetReach allows you to track specific URLs, hashtags, keywords or even account mentions in real-time as well as report on archived data. TweetReach Pro's premium historical Twitter analytics provides reporting on the full Twitter archive, going back to 2006.

  • Analytics – TweetReach monitors your Twitter data for new trends and outliers and automatically adds key insights into your dashboard's insight stream.
  • Reports – TweetReach Pro's interactive Trackers are perfect for monitoring results on Twitter in real time. Easily build beautiful reports to share with your stakeholders.
  • Account Engagement – Learn about any Twitter account’s audience using our detailed account engagement reporting. Measure engagement rates and follower growth over time.
  • Optimize – Measure how your content is performing, and see which Tweets, hashtags and URLs are resonating the most on Twitter. Learn what is working and what isn’t to help create better content.

TweetReach's company, Union Metrics offers a complete solution with insights into Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and now Facebook.

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    Hi Douglas,

    Thank you so much for this fantastic writeup about TweetReach by Union Metrics! If anyone reading has any questions, you can always find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics or check out the live demos on our site for our Instagram and Twitter analytics to see exactly what you get, on your schedule.

    Thanks again! I’m seeing this piece shared all over Twitter 🙂

    – Sarah A. Parker
    Social Media Manager | Union Metrics
    Fine Makers of TweetReach, The Union Metrics Social Suite, and more

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