TweetSeeker: Find Your Next Follow


Good friend and fellow tool finder, Kevin Mullett recently put up a great presentation with a slew of online tools for search and social media. I'm actually going through the list to make sure we introduce some of these tools on the Martech Zone (some of them were in yesterday's SEO Tools list!).

TweetSeeker is a way to curate and organize the list of Twitter accounts you'd like to follow. The real-time platform allows you to tag any Twitter user with words or phrases. You can also use internal tags to hide, follow or even highlight and prioritize the user's tweets.

The system allows for advanced filtering as well, including searches by date, within the account, within your account in the last week, within your followers, by location, by follower ratio, by phrase, by their TPower rating, by language or by links. You can also deduplicate the list by user or exclude by phrase as well!


What do you think?

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