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Twitter is my favorite social medium… I admit it. I love its simplicity and ease of use – and the incredible value my network provides me when I need some help. New to the social media button wars is the release of the Twitter follow button. Unlike the previous link that would return you to Twitter, this button allows any visitor to sign on and follow with a single click of the button. We’ve added it to our sidebar here on Martech.

twitter follow button s

The button does have several variables that can be modified. First, you can include it via JavaScript or by iFrame. Within the settings, you can customize the following elements:

  • User to follow (screen_name)
  • Followers count display (data-show-count )
  • Button color (data-button)
  • Text color (data-text-color)
  • Link color (data-link-color)
  • Language (data-lang)
  • Width (data-width)
  • Alignment (data-align)

If you’re not comfortable editing the code yourself, Twitter has added a resource page where you can customize your own Twitter Follow Button and simply grab the script to put it in your site. If you do like digging in, Twitter has a detailed development page dedicated to the Follow Button.

One note – if you wish to list multiple Twitter Accounts to follow, you can list as many as you’d like and just include the script tag once! We did this on our Corporate Blogging Book site.

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