Enterprise Collaboration using TWiki Workspaces

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The importance of a smooth workflow and open communication can never be understated, especially in today’s hyper competitive world where speed, credibility and professionalism are the mantras for success. Yet many organizations function in a “silo culture” that does not encourage sharing information across roles, functions, or departments.

Tools such as Twiki help enterprises to get out of such non-collaborative cultures.

TWiki® is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki, enterprise collaboration platform, and web application platform. It is a Structured Wiki, typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet, extranet or the Internet.

TWiki is in essence a structured wiki, which works as an enterprise level Wikipedia or a in-house social media network, depending on how the enterprise chooses to use it. Managers may use this tool to set up projects, manage documents, set up an intranet, or even a web application. Twiki also allows for advanced options such as Transclusion or inclusion of a document or part of a document into another document by reference, derive charts and many other possibilities.

Deploying Twiki as a collaboration platform ensures that information is available to those who need it. Marketers may access Twiki and obtain the required information straightaway, or contact the authorized person in real time, shortening the lead lifecycle time considerably. Routing internal processes through Twiki makes flow of data and information smooth and seamless, contributing to increased productivity and shortened lead times.

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Twiki is an open source platform and they also have a hosted solution. For those who want technical help, Twiki offers the services of consultants who will configure, maintain and customize the Twiki.

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