6 Advantages of Twitter for Promoting Your Brand

twitter power user cheatsheet

There are a lot of social media and technology pundits out there talking about the demise of Twitter. I’ll be honest that, despite the business rumblings, I still find incredible value in the platform. If someone from Twitter is reading this, here’s what I would do immediately to improve business results:

  • Make users pay for automated tweets. Oh – I can hear the screams now, but if it were affordable, I’d pay to promote my content through automation. And I’d be so happy that spammers would immediately abandon the platform. Automated spamming on Twitter is prevalent because it’s free… no other reason.
  • Increase focus on quality and relevance over growth. I’m not on Twitter to follow famous people… I’m there to promote, connect and communicate with people I care about. Here’s a tweet that sums up my feelings:

There you go… I believe those two changes would transform the business results associated with Twitter. Sure, they won’t be able to brag about more users than [insert social network here], but it would bring back the love and appreciation for the concise communication platform that transformed the Internet.

36% of marketers have acquired a customer via Twitter

So how does a brand utilize Twitter effectively? Follow.com developed this infographic for you to drive greater engagement and leverage the platform for increased business results using these six strategies:

  1. Don’t be afraid to promote your brand on Twitter as its own account! Brands have a greater following than people on average.
  2. Utilize Twitter advertising! You can even upload your customer or subscriber list and build out audience segments to target your advertising to existing customers or people that look just like them.
  3. Twitter is an on-the-go platform, providing a unique opportunity for you to connect with followers that don’t want to read a book, they just want a quick quote, joke, or piece of advice.
  4. Always include a call-to-action, whether it’s retweet, download, call, register, or any other command.
  5. Enhance your updates with links and images for deeper engagement and sharing!
  6. Hashtag your tweets so that you’re discovered in searches. And be sure to publish your Tweets when your followers are more apt to be listening (like on the weekends!). We repeat our Tweets all the time as well.

Here’s the Infographic, The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet.

Twitter Advantages

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    twitter becomes very useful if being used right.
    i felt my user base grew huge in number
    my content was relevant and more informative for the user.
    thanks alot for posting this information this post helped e also to improve my way of working on twitter and using it more on a wider basis

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